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  • How can I obtain additional information about a new Nissan car before the vehicle is launched?

    Most new Nissan launch vehicles have a page/link on the Nissan website that allows you to sign up and receive email updates. Additionally, Nissan may decide to conduct a pre-launch campaign in the media/online space. The other good source of such information is presence at Auto Expos or articles in car and bike magazines.

  • What is the difference between all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive?

    A vehicle equipped with all-wheel drive temporarily transfers power to all four driving wheels automatically when the need is sensed by the vehicle. A vehicle equipped with four-wheel drive (4x4) can transfer power from two wheels to all four wheels upon driver demand, usually by pushing a button or turning a switch

  • Is it still necessary to wear a safety belt with the Air Bag?

    Yes! The air bag supplements the protection provided by the shoulder belts. Remember, the air bag is designed to inflate in moderate-to-severe frontal and near-frontal crashes. Safety belts can provide protection in impacts other than frontal and near-frontal collisions.